Bridges of Bone

The Bridges of Bone are located in a single room, with a size of 60×60 feet, and about 3 stories high, with a bottomless pit for a floor. This results from a rift in the castle, from the incomplete spell, in a place were the effect was more wholly concentrated, but the castle did not fall through.

4 tall pillars rise from the pit, with several platforms carven into each. each pillar is 10×10 feet, and each platform is 5×5 feet. Long bridges formed of collosal back-bones stretch between platforms. On entering, a party has this scene described to them:

You stand on a ledge, the floor beyond you seeming to not exist, and yet still visible in patches that seem to fade in and out of existance. A long, thick backbone, of some beast of ages gone by, with rotting ropes interwoven into it, is bolted to the single ledge on which you stand. The other end rises way up, to the top of one of four massive pillars you can see rising out of the floor. You can see several ledges and gaps in the pillars. Several more backbones stretch between these ledges and gaps, as if they were designed as bridges.

When the last member of the party steps off a bridge, in snaps and crumbles behind them. Each platform in a pillar has two bridges stretching from it. each pillar top has four. this includes the bridge from which the party may come from. The bridges are as follows:

East door-east pillar top

east pillar top-north platform A

east pillar top-south pillar top

east pillar top-north platform B

North platform A-west platform A

north platform B-North door

west platform A-north pillar top

south pillar top-east platform A

south pillar top-north platform C

south pillar top-west platform B

north pillar top-west platform B

north pillar top-east platform B

north pillar top-south platform A

north platform C-west pillar top

east platform A-west platform C

east platform B-west pillar top

south platform A-south door

west pillar top-west door

west pillar top-west platform C

On each pillar top is a key. each key corresponds to the opposite door. to enter the room, from any door, requires a lockpick check of DC 17. each door has the same lock DC, a hardness of 30, and 5 HP.

Flying may get you from door to door, which is a solution, or figuring out a path between two doors, may grant a one-time solution. By reinforcing the bridges, using 50 feet of rope, and a DC 9 Use Rope check, or by using 300 gp of metal materials, a bridge can be prevented from breaking for 1d4+3 weeks. however, in order to reinforce all off the bridges, a lot of materials must be used.

Should the players try to put their trust into the phasing floor, it funtions as a normal floor, only with each 5 feet they move, there is a 50% chance they will fall through, into a 3000 ft. deep pit. at the bottom, is a group of nine large gelatinous cubes, each 20×20x20 feet, which break the characters falls. However, there is no path back up, and should they find a way to get up, they will have entered a representation of the castle in the astral plane.

Bridges of Bone

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