Enflamed Soul Template

As the party enters the ballroom, all the lights suddenly vanish. Blue, glowing runes cover the walls, and wisps of flame shoot from circular patterns formed by the runes. The flames slowly gather over the central staircase, growing denser and more defined. A womans form, made soley of the flames that enshrine her, turns to the party, screaming.

creating an Enflamed Soul

Enflamed Soul is an aquired template that may be applied to any corpereal creature with an Int score of at least 5, excluding outsiders, undead, constructs, and plants, hereby refered to as the Base creature. A single room, Stone circle, fairy ring, or similar, with little or no obstacles contained, hereby refered to as the base room, must be chosen as well.

type and subtype

The Enflamed soul retains all subtypes of the Base creature, but her type changes to undead. recaulculate racial hit dice, if any, with a d12, as it is undead. As well, it gains the incorpereal and fire subtypes.


The Enflamed Soul gains all imunities of the Base creature, as well as gaining the undead imunities, including imunity to mind affecting effects; poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, and death effects; critical hits, nonleathal damage, ability drain, and imunity to physical ability damage, as well as fatuige and exaustion effects. having the fire subtype, it is imune to fire, but takes +50% damage from cold. And, as an incorpereal creature, it is imune to all nonmagical attack forms, with a 50% miss chance for magical attack forms, excluding standard incropereal weaknesses.


The Base creature loses it’s Con score, gains +2 to int and cha, and gains -2 to Str and Dex.

Move speed – the Enflamed soul keeps all the existing move speeds the base creature had before, but does not gain any new ones.


Colored Flame – There are various strengths of Enflamed souls. If the base creature had 1-4 hit dice, it’s fire is colored blue. contact with a blue Enflamed Soul deals 1d4 fire damage. If the base creature had 5-8 hit dice, the Enflamed Soul deals 2d6 fire damage on contact, and is colored orange. a base creature with 9-14 hit dice becomes bright red, with flickers of brighter yellow visible, and deals 4d8 fire damage on contact. between 15 and 20 hit dice, the Enflamed soul becomes bright white, dealing 5d10 fire damage on contact, and dealing 1d4 heat damage to any within a 30’ radius from the Enflamed soul each round. if the base creature has over 20 hit dice, the Enflamed soul remains bright white, but a purpleish aura enshrines it even further. at this point, it deals 6d12 fire damage to contact, and deals 2d6 heat damage each round, within a 50’ radius.

Bound – The Enflamed soul cannot leave the base room. it may disperse into the physical borders of said room, but is unable to leave. As well, it may at any time materialise within the room. it takes a full-round action to disperse or materialise, during which all the physical borders start to glow with bright runes, of the same color as the Enflamed soul. the Enflamed soul cannot do anything while dispersed, although it may materialise in any location withing the base room it wants. The only time an Enflamed soul may leave it’s base room is for teritory expansion, detailed below.

Expansion of borders – An enflamed soul may take over rooms beyond it’s base room, given various variables. All captured teritory must not excede the size of it’s base room, and must have physical borders. It must leave it’s Base room to do so, and takes 1d10 damage each round it remains out of it’s pre-existing teritory. It must make a DC 9 Craft (runes) check each round, for a number of rounds equal to the length of the borders of the room, divided by 10’. this means that a 10 by 10 room would take 4 rounds to complete, and deal 4d10 damage. After it finishes, it no longer takes damage in that room, and may consider it part of it’s base room, except when expanding teritory. However, any dispell magic cast on the Enflamed soul while in that room instantly disperses the Enflamed soul into it’s base room, and causes the room it was in to revert from being the Soul’s teritory. the hieght of a wall does not matter, meaning a room can be larger than the base room overall, if it’s taller.

spell casting and memories – the Enflamed soul keeps all levels and spell casting, as well as other abilities, that it had in life. however, it loses all of it’s memories, and would attack even it’s closest friend in life. It only remember’s what it’s re-animater lets it, which may be made up by whoever re-animated it.

Challenge rating: As base creature, +2

Enflamed Soul Template

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