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The Epic Dungeon in the Playground

Welcome to the page of the player built dungeon which you! yes, you! will help to build.

Past Stage – Design-a-dungeon!

The Dungeon Design stage is over, and the winning dungeon is:

A Hellhold Asunder by Harperfan7

Dungeons which didn’t quite make the cut:

The Dread Castle Taravar by Melamoto

Atroxia by Melamoto

The Fortress of the Hill by Clockworkmonk

Castle Abomination by AgentPaper

A Prison without Bars by Radar

Current Stage – Brainstorm

During this stage, all those with their heads brimming full of ideas (Who just haven’t been able to contain them so far) can finally submit their monsters, puzzles, NPCs, and other ideas. When posting an idea, you must give a title in bold that is not likely to conflict with other titles. In addition to the title, you must also add a bold label that categorizes the idea under either Monster, Puzzle, NPC, or Other. There must be enough detail in any given idea so that it if a number of people were to recreate it, the results would all be almost exactly the same. You can post vague ideas if you like, but you cannot include a title, and all credit will go to whoever posts a fully detailed version of your idea. Each person may vote for up to 4 ideas. You may not vote for the same idea twice, or vote for your own idea. Any ideas that meet all other criteria and receive 2 votes may be included. 5 votes received will make it an almost certain addition. If, somehow, an idea is so good that 8 people want to waste their precious votes on something that is already likely to make it in, then it will be a definite inclusion. You need not spend all of your votes at once; and you may change them at a later point. And please, the dungeon is A Hellhold Asunder, try to make the ideas fit in with it. For example if someone submits an idea that involves celestial protectors that doesn’t have a damn good reason why, I will make them pay in blood.

Current Ideas submitted:





Future Stage – Calling all Designers!

Stage yet to come.

Future Stage – Genesis

Stage yet to come.

Future Stage – Final Design

Stage yet to come.

Future Stage – Playtesting

Stage yet to come.

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