Netta Grub the Goblin Lich


You see a short, squat creature. At first, it appears to be a very thin goblin. On second glance, however, you notice its withered skin, stretched taut over its bones. Its eyes are missing, and bright pinpricks of crimson light burn in its sockets.

Lurching forward, it begins to babble in a grating voice, “hello FIRE blargle dog, grablab. MY SHINY blagagrag YOU HAS IT!”


Netta was a tribal witch in a goblin clan that lived in the portion of the castle that remained on the material plane. She was always fascinated by the promise of secrets hidden in the deep bowls of the castle and, despite the warnings of her clan elders, explored deep into the castle. She found many magical substances and items of power in her many delves.

On one fateful journey, Netta uncovered an ancient text detailing the transcention of mortality via lichdom. Excited by the prospect, Netta gathered together all the items she had found over her years of scrounging and sought to complete the ritual. It was a success, though it drove her mad.

That was decades ago. Netta’s clan has long since left, but she has remained behind, having lost her phylactery somewhere in the castle’s winding halls. She now wanders the corridors, mumbling to herself and trying to find her misplaced phylactery.

Using Netta:

Early on, the PCs find what they think to be a mundane item but is actually Netta’s phylactery. Shortly thereafter, Netta will attack the PCs spewing forth gibberish and demanding the return of her “shiny.” Assuming they kill her, she’ll be back again in 1d10 days with more of the same. As the PCs level (assuming they don’t solve the issue for once and for all), Netta will probably become more of a comic relief than an actual threat, but she will continue her assault.

Mechanics of Lich Transformation

To become a lich, you need to be able to cast spells, have Craft Wonderous Item, and CL 11. She completed the transformation to lichdom at level 3 (note: the XP burn dropped her back down to 1st level). In her many excursions to the depths of the castle, Netta uncovered a wide variety of CL-boosting items (Bead of Karma, Skiurid Nugget, Humanoid hearts, etc.). Through these, she was able to make the requisit CL. The items have long since been lost and/or destroyed.


Netta Grubb

NE Lich Goblin Adept 1

HP: 12

Init: +5

Speed: 30 feet

Space/Reach: 5 ft/5ft

AC: 16

BAB: +0

Attack: +0 Lich Touch Attack (1d8+5, Will save (DC 7 for half), Paralysis (Fort save DC 7)

Abilities: Str 8 Dex 12 Con – Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 5

Saves: Fort Ref Will

Skills: Spellcraft +4, Survival +6, Hide +8, Move Silently +8, Search +8, Sense Motive +8, Spot +8

Languages: Goblin, Common

Feats: Improved Initiative

Possessions: Ragged Clothing

Features: Fear Aura, 60’ DC 9; Turn Resistance; DR 15/blugeonding and Magic; Undead Traits; Immunity to cold, electricity, and polymorph



0th: 3

1st: 2

Netta Grub the Goblin Lich

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