The dungeon made by the GitP community is ready for construction at last. All edits will be made by me, but I will only be adding suggestions approved by the community and generally liked. If you want to make a suggestion, then post it in the thread on GiantITP. Otherwise, what we’re looking for in dungeon creation is:

The dungeon must be made in D&D 3.5, start around levels 1-3 and end somewhere in epic. The dungeon should be very difficult to start with, to the point where there should be at least 1 death every few levels at the very least. As it gets higher level, it should ease up, finally reaching the point where character death mostly only happens from player mistakes or tough combats.

The game should feature a substantial horror element. A personal recommendation is not to try and rely on insane and scary monsters (Although they are the recommended enemies), but elements of darkness and other kinds of fear. Try to make things happen which would freak players out, or shock them (Don’t go over the top though). The vast majority of challenges should be traps and puzzles; or the traps and puzzles should at least play a very significant part of the dungeon. The adventure should truly span across a large area; try not to make it all stick to one basic setting. Otherwise, design the dungeon as you see fit.

The setting of the dungeon should be based in what was originally an abandoned castle. However, it must also have a necromancy element involved. This would likely be either a cult of necromancers moving into the building, or a lich/ghost that is raising the dead men of the castle to fight once more. You are, however, free to use your creativity however you want. That includes changing the setting a bit at the higher levels, as long as you don’t drift too far off the point; neither the abandoned castle nor the necromancy needs to be a permanent aspect of the dungeon, just the greatest and most prominent.

Epic Dungeon in the Playground